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Corporate Governance

A resilient business led by an experienced leadership team.

We believe strong governance is the foundation for creating lasting impact and delivering strong shareholder value. Our ethics, governance and controls structures reflect our commitments to developing long-term relationships and goodwill with our shareholders, based on trust and transparency.
Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a guide to the ethical and legal responsibilities we share as members of the Terminix organization. This isn’t a complete document that addresses every ethical issue that may arise. It’s not a summary of all laws and policies that apply to our business. It’s not a contract and it does not replace good personal judgment. Rather, the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides guidance to help us make the right decisions throughout our work life at Terminix.

Leadership Commitment

Leadership Commitment

The Terminix leadership team is committed to living up to high standards of ethical behavior. Our Board of Directors oversees the company’s compliance with ethical and legal standards. To help our teammates live up to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Terminix has devoted resources responsible for overseeing the implementation of, and compliance with, our standards and policies.

Employee Participation

Employee Participation

No booklet, website, committee or policy can guarantee sound, ethical behavior. Only each Terminix teammate can. Our reputation is built on providing excellent service to our customers and treating one another with dignity and respect. Each day, we work hard to protect our brands. Every teammate’s participation is necessary to do the right thing for our customers, our suppliers, our communities and our teammates.

Terminix is committed to maintaining high standards related to our accounting and reporting processes and internal accounting controls. Such a commitment must be supported by the high ethical standards of our financial teammates. This Financial Code of Ethics embodies these principles and has been approved pursuant to Terminix’s Financial Code of Ethics Policy.

Committee Composition

As of January 19, 2021

Director Audit Compensation Nominating & Corporate Governance Environmental, Health & Safety / Culture
Deb Caplan X* X
David J. Frear X* X
Laurie Ann Goldman X X*
Naren K. Gursahaney X X
Steve Hochhauser X X
Teresa Sebastian X X
Steve Sedita X X*
Chris Terrill X X

X = Current Member

* = Committee Chair

Note: As a member of the board, Mr. Ponton, attends all committee meetings.