As of October 12, 2022, Terminix Global Holdings has merged with Rentokil Initial plc and the combined organization is trading under the NYSE ticker symbol RTO.

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Financial information and disclosures from Terminix Global Holdings can still be found at until further notice.

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Supplier Relations

Terminix suppliers play a critical role in supporting our operations

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers both internally and externally requires the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Our suppliers understand this mandate and rise to the occasion by providing the products, services, ideas, and solutions we need to deliver daily on our promises to customers while continuously finding ways to reduce our costs.

Given that Terminix offers a broad array of business and home services, we understand the value of customer satisfaction. We seek to partner with companies who also understand that value and will work with us to optimize our collective service solutions to simplify and improve the quality of our customers’ lives.

Vendor and Supplier Registration

Terminix current and potential suppliers, please use the link below to inquire about the Supplier Registration Process.

Responsible Sourcing

As a global business, Terminix is committed to engaging in reasonable due diligence and screening of all with whom it works to ensure compliance with laws that regulate international trade.

Our goal is to follow the highest industry standards of ethical business conduct in all areas of our operations. This includes our relationships with our business partners, including our franchisees, suppliers, vendors, consultants and contract labor.

Our Vendor Code of Conduct can be found in our Annual Corporate Sustainability Report.

At Terminix, we partner with our supplier network to promote quality products and innovation across our brands.

The Terminix Real Estate team evaluates our overall property footprint with the goal of ensuring our corporate facilities are set up to reduce energy consumption and promote efficient operational environments.