Terminix values growth, innovation and agility. These values attract talented and hard-working young professionals. The Young Professionals Business Resource Group helps create an environment in which they’re empowered to develop their skills and grow to achieve their full potential, while also engaging with each other in the company and in the community.

As Terminix young professionals, we are determined to engage our coworkers, engage our community and engage our city leaders to help build a community and city where young people thrive and everyone benefits. Our group offers events and workshops that provide leadership development education, networking opportunities with company leaders and like-minded professionals and chances to volunteer with each other throughout the community. We help each other get connected quickly and provide opportunities to display talents and accelerate careers.

Our Young Professionals Business Resource Group models diversity and inclusion both inside and outside of the company. We partner with local and national organizations to help develop youth leaders in the community. We host and sponsor a variety of events focused on professional development. We also provide opportunities to network with executives at Terminix and throughout the city. One of our most popular events is “speed networking” where we provide associates an opportunity to chat directly with Terminix executives for a few minutes at a time.

The Young Professionals Business Resource Group helps open doors of opportunity, regardless of age. We just have the drive to further our career.