Our Hispanic Business Resource Group helps our company build bridges to the fastest growing demographic in the United States – Latinos. We not only bring people together within Terminix, we help the company connect with this important – and growing – consumer segment.

The Hispanic Business Resource Group values partnerships, so we have joined with Latino Memphis, one of the oldest and largest advocacy groups for Hispanics in the Mid-South. We work together to help provide job training, language classes and cross-cultural experiences to thousands of people. This partnership also provides corporate visibility into the Latino community, which is vital for growing our company and brand.

Through the Hispanic Business Resource Group, our members, who are both Hispanic and non-Hispanic, acquire and develop important leadership skills. We participate in planning, organizing and communicating for the many events and programs we sponsor annually. We collaborate across business units and levels of leadership, so members meet and get to know people outside their own area of work. We welcome new ideas and voices, so creativity can flourish.

Of course, we're not all about responsibility and career development; we like to celebrate our Latino heritage, too. We've sponsored salsa and samba lessons at our corporate offices, and we share our food and recipes, as well. You'll find that we offer a diverse experience as well as diversity – the best of both worlds!

The Hispanic Business Resource Group gives Terminix a vibrant voice to the Latino community and connects us as friends within our company.