The Pride Business Resource Group exists to promote awareness and inclusion. We want to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable in who they are, and a place where everyone can contribute to their full potential. Thanks to a supportive corporate management team, we have a company that accepts and values all.

Our Business Resource Group is active within Terminix and involved in the community. Our connections extend to organizations such as the United Way and Habitat for Humanity, and to companies like FedEx, Nike and International Paper. We are partnering with these entities to promote greater acceptance of the LGBT community in the Mid South and the workplace. Our impact is positive and growing.

Our understanding of LGBT issues helps us help others. We're involved in fund raising for Memphis Crisis Center for Gay and Lesbian Youth, which is often a lifeline for young people struggling with sexual identity issues. We also take an active part in the local Pride Festival.

We have an important impact on the company because we help promote the ideal of acceptance and tolerance that is attractive to everyone – teammates, potential teammates, vendors, franchisees and customers. Terminix is inclusive – it's a friendly, encouraging community of people who value one another. We add new perspectives to problem solving, promote camaraderie and encourage open-mindedness.

Thanks to our Business Resource Group, the LGBT community is visible, active and accepted in our workplace, and we want to encourage that same attitude throughout the community.